Convergence Project

The Convergence Project is a sextet I have put together to interpret my own compositions. The intention when writing these pieces was to the vocabulary of jazz with the edge of rock and the inspiration of Colombian folkloric rhythms.

Listen to samples from The Convergence Project in the Music Player.

The Convergence Project is:

  • Eugene Uman – piano, Rhodes, compositions
  • Eugene Friesen – cello
  • Jeff Galindo – trombone
  • Michael Zsoldos or Carlos Averhoff Jr. – saxophones
  • Stomu Takeishi – acoustic and electric bass guitars
  • Satoshi Takeishi – drums

“In the varied set of music on this album, Uman explores an abundance of ideas and uses the timbres of the instruments to create a distinctive texture and group sound. The cello intensifies the tonal palette; the trombone, saxophone and inimitable Fender Rhodes electric piano are blended artfully and with originality. This music has an intelligent plan and a fullness of sound – it is textured and colorful and celebrates its jazz roots without the common formulaic limitations.” – Len Lyons, acclaimed author and jazz critic

Convergence Project CD available for $15. 

Convergence Project One Sheet

Description of Convergence Project Compositions

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